Hi & Welcome To The Bread & Butter Hub

You’re probably here because you need to earn an income or want to work from home. Maybe you have tried job hunting will little luck and not sure where else to turn to.

Probably you’re fed up of work, the monotony, your boss or inadequate income to meet expenditure. Or maybe you want to make white sands your office (Ok, not a beach person!) well you just want to work when you feel to, free of a schedule.

So there are options and solutions to each of the above!

But it’s definitely confusing with all the conflicting info out there. AdSense, YouTube, Niche, Online stores, affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO and what not.

Especially if you’re new and don’t know online business terminology.

There are more than 500 ways to make money online and you are not sure which one is right for you or if they will work. All you want to do is earn money quickly and want to achieve the financial freedom many people dream.

You know the potential this freedom has and the opportunities it can bring to you. Spending more time with you loved ones, freedom to travel the world and live anywhere and of course an income.

As you become a professional, there will be business deals, landing high paying clients and becoming recognized in your industry… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This type of success is not achieved overnight. And it won’t happen at all if you don’t have the right approach, information and guidance.

This is where we step in…

The Story Behind This Blog

“What’s the fastest way to make money online?” My friend asked. I was with one of my old friends and we were discussing life and business.

“Open an online store.” I said, knowing the potential online stores have. The ecommerce market is booming right now and it is the perfect opportunity for anyone to successfully make money online.

“How do you open an online store exactly? What do I sell? What’s the minimum initial investment required? Do I need my own products?” She asked again.

“I’ll answer your questions in a week.” I replied.

As I thought more it was a realization that others may also be on the same journey, searching for these same answers, so  “The Bread and Butter Hub” was created.

I shared this blog with my friend and with the right approach she has begun to successfully operate her store.

Since you are on this page reading this line, it’s also possible for you to acquire the same information and start.

The Goal Of This Blog

In one’s quests to acquire an income, either supplemental or full-time: hours, days, weeks and months of searching can find you subscribing to web-site upon web-site to obtain information, downloads, videos, and books.

The repercussions are ongoing- emails upon emails, compounded with skepticism, the uncertainty of truly generating a meaningful income, reviews only obtained from the sellers of products, misinformation, the financial risks and more.

The frustration of daily having to siphon through it all when already burdened by unpaid bills and debtors is overwhelming.

In reality, doubts and fears should replace interest and a desire to understand and learn.

Online business models presented here are straightforward methods and systems you frequently use, but as the consumer.

If you have shopped on Amazon, from online stores, read Kindle books, search websites for information and products, use Pinterest, can’t have enough of Facebook: you are already a part of e-commerce as the consumer.

The Ultimate Goal…

The ultimate goal, therefore, is to provide direction onto the path of viable, profitable methods of earning an online income, and quell any trepidation.

All business models are doable and profitable, with comprehensive information, professional and effective tutorial courses offered where necessary.

There are other online business models, products or services that are in the markets, but because of personal use and or those of trustworthy sources we selectively recommend. Additionally, up to date information and resources are continuously sourced and added.

I hope this site serves your needs and guides you on this journey.

For this website to continue to serve its purpose and improve, feedback is greatly appreciated. It is through emails or comments we can improve our commitment and service.

I look forward hearing from you.

Be Informed. Be Inspired. Be Motivated.

Anne – The Bread & Butter Hub

P.S If you have gained information, please share, so others may also..