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I appreciate your visit and hope the information and products which are provided on this site offer valuable information and assist you tremendously in which ever way you presently need or require.

I will like to inform you, that for all information provided; I seek to ensure accuracy, and transparency and so one of the things I want to talk about are affiliate links in my content.

Firstly, I’ll define what is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple and relatively inexpensive type of online store to set-up and operate. It requires the promotion of someone else’s’ product or service, for which you earn a commission if a sale occurs.

This is done through the creation of a website which provides information on a particular area of interest to site visitors.

Links provided for products promoted will allow your visitors to make purchases. Due to cookies on your affiliate link, when a product is purchased, a commission is earned.

For Affiliate Marketing, therefore, one becomes an online salesperson. 

Simplified in a diagram….

Affiliate Disclosure


This site, therefore, is an example of Affiliate Marketing. ALL products and programs have either been used or still are being used by myself, close business associates and/or family.

I only promote products which have benefitted myself or associates and I believe can be of benefit to others. I have in a few circumstances utilized products which fell below expectations and therefore didn’t qualify to be recommended.

Please also note, I will refer free or the cheapest option that a product or program has to offer if it’s viable.

I, therefore, wish to inform you that some of the products recommended on this site are ‘affiliate links’ which if used, and a purchase is made, provides me a small commission. This, however, comes at no additional expense to you, since this a not a cost you incur.

I am not offered incentives, free products or tools by suppliers of products promoted. Of my own accord, I choose to recommend these products because of prior or present success in utilizing them.

I hope you likewise, benefit greatly from these resources and products offered.

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