Affiliate Marketing The Pros and Cons

Anyone desiring a passive income, whether full-time or supplemental, will definitely love the opportunities affiliate marketing has to offer.
Proper research and implementation,  can guarantee you huge monthly incomes without exerting too much effort.

However, the starting process of affiliate marketing is crucial. It will require you to first determine a profitable niche through research, then develop an online presence.
This is accomplished through a blog consisting of SEO(search engine optimization) content and presence via social media platforms.

For your products or services to sell, visibility is essential.  You need to put your products in front of as many eyes as possible. If this doesn’t take place, you won’t have sales and thereby commissions.

Affiliate marketing possesses both challenges and promises. In this article, we will narrow them down for you!

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

It is not an exaggeration when we say that there are billions of dollars that roll over in Affiliate Marketing. This is the reason why many people want to get a share of this enormous revenue scheme!

Getting access to an affiliate site, such as Amazon, Clickbank, and others is quite easy. As long as you have a website, you can become an affiliate or partner with these well-trusted websites.

  1. No need for professional marketing skills

Affiliate marketing does not require you to have a business or marketing degree or any other for that matter.

Moreover, it facilitates any expertise or passion you wish. As long as you have great content and products, making sales is definitely possible!

  1. Requires less investment

Unlike physical stores, affiliate marketing does not burden you with rental fees and other monthly payments. There are free blogging websites today (e.g. WordPress) where you can launch your own affiliate site.

However, you will need to purchase your domain (Apx. USD $100 yearly). The expenses of building a website are far minimal compared to having a physical store. There are no expenses related to inventory, infrastructure or staff.

  1. It is virtually unlimited

If you got time, you could build several affiliate sites. These sites can be for different niches and for different audiences and markets. As long as you can properly set-up these websites, you can multiply your monthly profit! It is like having several jobs without time limitations!

  1. Long term convenience

Honestly, making a website is not that difficult. It does take some time and energy, but within one month, you should be able to add content to the level of being ready for site visitors.

The plus to this is all services required can be obtained from sites such as Fiverr, HireWriters, Upwork, etc. at minimal cost.

But once it’s already kicking, there is no stopping it. In the long run, you may only need to check your site one to two hours every week!

  1. No customer service issues

An affiliate website is like a store. You sell products on behalf of the original manufacturers. However, unlike the physical stores, you don’t have to deal with complaining customers and the stressful world of customer service.

You don’t have to be the one who needs to find a replacement for defective products.

After all, you are just an internet salesman!

  1. It is flexible

You will love affiliate marketing because of its fluid playing field. If you don’t like the existing program, you always have the freedom to shift to another one.

No one will force you to stay in an eroding market. Therefore, you will always have the opportunity to be successful, regardless of the conditions.


Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Of course, affiliate marketing is not all bright and beautiful. There are a couple disadvantages as well that you have to deal with. One of this is the blunt truth that there is no 100 percent success in this line of business.

All of those efforts you made, from designing the website to making good contents, requires marketing such as google and facebook ads and emails if you wish to achieve great success. 

  1. You have no control

Merchants like Amazon are the ones that set the rules. If you don’t like one or two of their conditions, then you have to stick to it. There is no way you can change the management! Moreover, a great offer today might be bad tomorrow.

  1. Competition may be high

One of the greatest disadvantages of affiliate marketing is the saturated competition in some niches.

Getting to the first page of search engines can be an ordeal and will require the frequent creation of content and implementation of appropriate marketing strategies.

For a certain niche, you may be competing against other possibly hundreds of affiliate marketers.

This can be dealt with in the early stage by the proper research of your niche, and later on, implementing marketing strategies against competitors. 

  1. Risk

Affiliate marketing is a business. You will be successful only if you continually generate visitors. After all, merchants will only pay once you can make direct sales.

This means ensuring a strong social media presence. It is a burden that you will have to carry as long as your site is not in a stable condition yet.


Affiliate marketing is an excellent venue to earn income over the internet. As long as you acknowledge it’s a business and requires, in particular, initial niche research, and maintaining social media presence, then you can generate decent profit for yourself.

However, this is not an easy task. Therefore, you will need to dedicate some time and money, particularly in the early stage. As with all business, it carries its risk, but the promise it holds makes it truly worth it.



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Affiliate Marketing The Pros And Cons
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