Is This A Resolution For 2017?

We are approaching the end of another year, and for most, we reflect and reminisce on the fading year. We reflect on the good times, and the bad, assess how we have done and where we have come.

Most importantly, we gaze into the future. A future which invokes feelings of joy, hope, trepidation, anxiety, excitement. The dawn of a New Year of opportunity -a time to change course and do better.

No single emotion can sum up both directions. Fear is replaced by hope, sadness can be left behind and joy awaits us. It is the time of the year to begin constructing resolutions.

Many will be left on the curb by January 2nd, while others will serve as a motivator to launch us into the year and keep us on course throughout. The question each of us has to answer is which of the hopes and plans will be our priority in 2017.

Some of the most important resolutions will strike close to our heart: finding a soul mate, getting married, becoming more spiritual.

More common resolutions deal with:

  • Eating healthier and losing a few pounds
  • Becoming more active in the community
  • Moving on from your current job
  • Improving family relations
  • Being more altruistic or philanthropic
  • Reducing our debt levels

and of course, stop making resolutions you know you are not likely to keep.

There are two issues almost every New Year resolution we make will have to meet head on – time and money.
They are really very different things because once time is gone it is lost forever. As for money, you can always repair the damage or improve upon your situation.

So let’s talk about money for a minute.

Most people worry more about money than they should because when the end of the year arrives it usually comes with the feeling of a lighter wallet or investment account.

Looking back – the first direction – has us wondering what could we have done better or what went wrong. There are events that simply were out of our control, and we ended up suffering financial and other losses.
The hindsight always comes with 20/20 vision, the “if I had known” thinking that has no power to change the past.

Then there is the second direction – the one that is filled with hope and the chance to do things right. For most people, it should not take long to realize why your bank accounts are low or non-existent, or why your credit card debt has reached new heights.

But the New Year is less than a month away and unlike time, you can start taking steps to change the direction of your finances. In fact, the best use of your time is to use these last days of the year to start 2017 with a financial bang.

Often people find themselves financially unsettled because they do not have a long-term plan. Some do not know how to plan, while others do not know there are plans at all for their particular financial situation. That is where we can help.

We offer information on online business models and tutorial programs to guide you to the road of success with your financial resolutions. Don’t be counted among those who financially wander, then when the unexpected event occurs they have zero financial resources.

Don’t be counted among those who financially wander, then when the unexpected event occurs they have zero financial resources.

The path to financial stability begins with having a plan. Not just any plan, but a plan that has a clear beginning and an expected end – even when life blindsides you with the unexpected event.

Time moves forward even when you are standing still, so only look backward to gain knowledge and wisdom about your finances. Your financial future is moving towards you – today, tomorrow, and in the coming years. The question is whether you are ready for it by having a well-thought out plan.

Remember as you start planning than any resolution takes resolve to see it through to the end. Your plan is a foundation that you can build on. It should not be so inflexible that you cannot make any changes to it a month or a year from now.

But one thing is certain: time is heading towards you with a large degree of uncertainty. Be prepared in all facets of your life.


Is This A Resolution For 2017?
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