Kindle Publishing – The Ultimate Guide

Kindle Publishing, also known as Kindle Direct Publishing, is an e-book publishing unit, launched by in 2007. It allows individuals the fascinating and profitable opportunity to publish and sell a book online.

The process has become less strategic than it had been a decade ago.

Best of all you obtain sales and credit for a book you don’t even have to write. A ghostwriter can be reasonably sourced, once you determine the genre and the general content of the book.

Today, authors can get their work read by millions of readers around the world, a reason self-published authors are on the rise today.

If you’re looking to get your book out there on Kindle, here are the basics you need to know.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
Benjamin Franklin

Start Up Costs

You can publish on Kindle Direct Publishing for free, making it a favorite for many new authors who are looking to get started. Cost can be incurred if you are hiring a ghostwriter to create a book for you, and for the creation of the cover.

To have a book written can cost from as low as USD $150+. Books are written can be reasonably obtained at Fiverr, UpworkHireWriters and Write Articles For Me. Alternately, you can write the book yourself.

Potential Earnings

The potential earnings received through royalty payments for books you publish vary, depending on your chosen niche, book quality and design and marketing strategies you implement.

Potential yearly earnings for top selling books can reach USD $100,000.00

 Benefits of Publishing through Kindle

    • Suitable business for a ‘newbie’
    • Potential to begin generating an income shortly after publication
    • Can be a Kindle Publisher from any part of the world
    • Required services can be outsourced
    • Kindle books can also be published as paperback/hardcover book and audiobook, increasing revenue potential
    • The publishing platform is free to use and you can sell as many books as you can create
    • Immediate reach to millions of global ready readers.
    • Can publish in five 5 minutes and your book hits the virtual shelves of all Kindle stores worldwide within 48 hours
    • Up to seventy percent royalty earned on your book’s sales
    • You have full control over your publication in terms of rights. You may also change your book’s contents as and when you wish.

The Future Of Kindle Publishing

A frequently asked question by those considering Kindle Publishing, is its profitability given the saturation of books, and if future market growth can be expected.

Kindle Publishing’s profitability for 2016 and beyond, is addressed by the successful publisher of over 100 books and creator of Kindle Publishing Program  K Money Mastery , Stefan James.

7 Steps To Start Your Publishing Journey

Here are the basic steps in Kindle Publishing;

Step 1: Finding a Profitable Niche (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

Before you embark on your writing, determine first which genre you intend belonging to. Is it fiction or non-fiction that you are going to create and which niche will yield the desired revenue.

A niche group that is not selling very well will not offer a high amount of sales. This is a significant step to consider when deciding to publish a book.

You must do research first to determine which niches are best sellers. Once you locate a category that fits your book idea and is profitable, you can further select a sub-category that can offer a more specific niche.

To get a better idea of which niche groups are going to be profitable check Amazon’s top selling list to determine what customers are purchasing. Additionally, the use of Kindle Spy – KDSPY software identifies the bestselling Kindle niches, thereby simplifying the process.

Step 2: Create a Title and Cover Design


Your title is key to ensuring profitable sales. It is necessary to determine which keywords to use in the title, to help increase sales and search results.

A keyword is significant because when consumers search for a book they search by keywords. If they are looking for a book to relieve headaches, then they will type in “headache” to see what books show up in the search results. A good title can be “Headaches are A Pain”

The title must also stick out among the competitors and have a curious expression that will attract customers to purchase it.

Cover Design

A cover design is another important aspect for book sales. The cover design should be intriguing and catch people’s attention. Something that stands out among other book covers will result in higher sales.

Several websites offer services for a reasonable price. A site such as Fiverr is cheap and allows someone who specializes in cover design to do the work for you. This will ensure you quality.

Step 3: Kindle Book Creation 

When it is time to create your Kindle book, focus on quality, not quantity. People are more likely to purchase a book that has fewer pages in it. Consumers have a decreased attention span than what they used to have.

Generally, a book that has 100 pages will sell better than a book with 1000 pages. It is a good idea for the book to have quality information that readers can learn or experience.

The quality of a book is significant, especially if you want to add to the collection later.The books that are created for added additions will want to be quality packed from the beginning. This will help other books in the future sell as well.

Additionally, a great quality book, will receive positive reviews, increasing sales.

Step 4: Preparing Your Book for Publishing

Being able to prepare your book for publishing is an important part of the process. You need to have the proper formatting for your book.

If you’re not comfortable working on the formatting process, you can hire someone to do it for you. A website that offers these services at a low cost is also Fiverr.

It is also extremely important to make sure your book is unique and original. You do not want to copy someone else’s work. To ensure the book is not a copy of someone else’s book you can use Copyscape).

The next process is to proofread your book. It is a good idea to either proofread it a couple times or have someone else proofread it for you. Sometimes having another person look a book over can ensure that there are no errors or overlooked mistakes.

Step 5: Create a KDP Account 

Now it is time to get your Kindle Direct Publishing Account set up. During set-up, any tax information that may or may not apply to you is required. Payment options will also be chosen.

You also chose the option whether to publish your book in one or several markets, which provides the option for the book to be sold in other countries. This will help you reach more potential customers and increase your profits.

Step 6: Publishing & Reviewing

Now you are ready to publish, the more detailed information you provide, the better options customers have of understanding what your book is about.

You can also determine the terms by which you wish your book to be borrowed, promoted and purchased.

You will be notified when your book is live and ready for sale. Take time to review your book – cover design, accurate description, author’s name and the layout. Ensure that the price is correct.

Step 7: Getting Amazon Reviews 

Reviews on Amazon is important. There are two different types of reviews that customers can leave.

When a verified purchaser of your book gives a review, it is counted as a verified review. Another type of review is an unverified review. This occurs when the book is not purchased, but a review if given.

It is important to try and receive verified reviews since they are more significant, to future sales.


Choosing to publish with Kindle Publishing is a great way to reach a large customer base. It is low cost and can be a beneficial way to make money from your book. The setup of a publishing account is free, simple and fast.

Kindle Publishing is a popular, easy, and self-sufficient way to create, publish, and sell your book online. This free service platform can help you become a best-selling author.

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Kindle Publishing – The Ultimate Guide
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