Social Media Marketing: Make Money Socialising 

It’s no wonder that you already familiar with social media. It’s the fastest growing trend in the history of the world.

This rapid growth is triggered by the many social media sites popping up daily and our desire to communicate and socialise. Just check out this Wikipedia article, which has a list of 200+ social media sites.

The Conversion Prism also gives a good overview of many social media sites and their defining feature.

The Conversation Prism - The Bread & Butter Hub

Facebook is the top social media platform for which almost 1 out of 4 people on the earth has an account.

To put into perspective, presently, China and India are the most populous countries in the world. According to Huffington Post if Facebook were a country, it would be the largest country in the world.

Huff Post -Facebook Data

Can you just imagine the number of people you can reach via Facebook alone?

It’s safe to say that if you don’t know anything about social media marketing, you are losing a lot of customers and therefore money to your competitors who do utilize it.

So it’s time to learn it. You might be wondering by now “What’s social media marketing all about anyway?”

“Social Media marketing is the process of creating content specific to the social media platforms in order to inspire users to engage and share your content.”

Social Media - The Bread & Butter Hub

You need to create content tailored to the specific site and that’s how you increase your chances of succeeding in social media marketing. The Right content can easily go viral.

From my experience, content (stories, photos and videos) that contains emotions like love, joy, surprise, anger and fear are more likely to get shares and go viral.

Create something that users would excitedly share with their friends and you are very close to cracking the social media success code.

Each social media site has different features and different ways of sharing content, that’s why a 5 minute video might rock on YouTube but may not perform well on Instagram due to the limit of 1 minute.

It’s also why you can’t do social media marketing for every single social media site out there.

To succeed you need to direct your focus and efforts to the sites which have the most users and can potentially increase sales.

I’m summing up the top 8 social media platforms for you.

The 8 Top Social Media Platforms to Get Started On:

1. Facebook

As you saw above, Facebook is the biggest social media site. They have the largest database of users which is unmatchable in the social media industry.

Facebook just crossed 1.86 billion monthly active users in December, 2016 and the population of the world is roughly 7 billion. That means you can almost find all your customers on Facebook.

Facebook users come on the platform to socialize, so you need to sell your items in fun and engaging way. Facebook allows you to share text (in the form of status and stories), links, images and videos.

You can create groups and pages to promote your products. There are thousands of groups already available on almost every topic for you to market your products.

When you are starting new, the best option is to start a page of your company and start promoting the page in these groups. Once you have a few thousand fans, start cross-promoting with pages of similar sizes and interests.

This way you can get more exposure and fans. If you don’t want to do the initial work you can use Facebook ads to get your first couple thousand fans. From there you can utilize cross-promotions.

2. Google+

Everyone who signs up with Google (Gmail) gets a Google+ account. There are currently 111 million active users on this site out of 2.5 billion Gmail users.

It’s Google’s social media platform competing with Facebook. You can share text content, photos, links, videos, events and even polls.

Many researchers have found that Google+ shares effect search engine rankings (aka Google rankings). Since the social media site is from the Google itself, we can believe it to be true. So, this is an important social media site from the search marketing point of view.

3. Instagram

Instagram has 600 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users. From the day one Instagram was all about pictures and it still is.

Pictures are easy to like via double tap and in the search section you get random posts related to what you have already liked. This single feature is worth it.

With this feature users can find the images and videos they like effortlessly and page admins can get their pages in front of a lot of new users. A win-win situation if you ask me.

This app has the most engagement rate from the users. An average user spends 15 minutes on Instagram every day.

When you are starting out new, focus only on pictures. Again cute pics of dogs and cats are universally accepted 😉 Other than these you can motivate people, entertain them or teach them something.

Jokes, facts, recipes, DIY and luxury images are another proven ways to build your Instagram following. If you are going the video way:

Funny and cool educational videos work the best on Instagram. DIY accounts like @LifeHack and Recipe accounts like @Food52 are crushing it on Instagram.

 4. YouTube

After Google, YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. It has more than 1 billion users. YouTube has changed the way videos are shared.

The best way to get success on YouTube is to either teach or entertain. How-to tutorials and entertaining videos (pranks or short movie stories) are the most popular ones on YouTube.

Producers who can’t find channels for their shows are publishing their shows on YouTube. People from all around the world can watch their show and thanks to Google AdSense they are making money at the same time.

You can record yourself playing a game, video game, teaching something on whiteboard, record funny or weird things happening around you.

If you have a business you can record behind the scene videos, customer success stories, answer industry-specific questions, record events and funny things happening in your office. YouTube gives you the freedom to record anything.

5. LinkedIn

According to Wikipedia, LinkedIn has 106 million active users. It’s a social media site for professionals, so casual approach to content and marketing won’t work well here.

People go to LinkedIn to find out what’s new in their industry, connect with professionals in their field, network with fellow business owners and to see who is hiring and who is firing.

On LinkedIn, people welcome everything that can increase their performance at work and grow their business. You should act professionally here and have a pro profile.

6. Reddit

Reddit has 234 million unique users.
It is the 7th largest website in the US. The site is built upon passion points and communities.

It’s one of those sites where spam does not work. Each user is rewarded Reddit Karma and people can up-vote or down-vote posts and comments to filter top quality content from low.

AskMeAnything (AMA) feature of the Reddit really made it popular. Many celebrities started using it and you can find almost any celebrities’ AMA there.

When you are starting new, you first need to build your Reddit Karma before you can start promoting. The quickest way to get Karma is to post cute images of dogs and cats on various subreddits. You can find awesome images at Imgur.

7. Snapchat

Snapchat has over 158 million daily active users. 30% of America’s teens between 13 and 17 years old use Snapchat actively.

70% of the users are girls and the rest are boys. If your target audience is young people, this is the right platform for you.

These youngsters prefer images and videos that can be tagged as cool. The images and videos (10 seconds long) shared on this platform disappear after single viewing.

You can share your day to day moments, stories, something funny that happened, something cool you saw. Businesses can share coupon codes, feature their followers and stream live events on Snapchat.

8. Pinterest

If your target audience is women, you don’t want to miss out this platform. Out of 150 million active users, 85% are females.

“The world’s Catalogue of Ideas” – That’s the slogan upon which Pinterest is built. Users can browse through different sections of the site depending on their interests. They can save images, links and content they like via “Pin It” button.

They can use boards to organize their pins and share them with the world. There are food boards, travel boards, and boards created on every topic possible.

70% of users use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy. Users browse curated lists and boards to find things to save (pin) and buy.

So if you want to increase sales of your products, create boards related to your niche and start pinning. Once your board has the best content people will start following you.

Once you have active and engaged user base, start promoting them by using coupons and contests. If you are using Shopify, users can buy directly from you without even leaving Pinterest.

 Start Today…

You now know more about social media marketing, which sites you should focus on and how you will approach each platform. The next question is “Where do you go from here?”

I suggest you choose two platforms from the above list and start creating content specific for those two sites. You can create new content or add new angles to existing content.

Once you master these two platforms, add another one in the list and grow your fans there too. You’ll soon realize that your decision to start social media marketing was a good one.

Expecting great things for you!

PS: Which two social media sites you’ll focus on first? Let me know in comments section.

Social Media Marketing: Make Money Socializing
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